A Closer Look

The SCA can have moments that are deeply moving.
There are times of great pomp and ceremony.
We also have times of fun and silliness.
The balance of all the different sides of the SCA is what makes the experience so memorable.

An Ealdormere Court
Armoured Melee Combat
Tug of War - Adult vs Children
Fencing Melee Combat

During the days of the plague, getting together in person was a health issue and, for the safety of the populous, was banned.
That did not stop the Kingdom, from staying connected. Over the last two years, the people of the realm have utilized the technology available to remain active, to inspire hope, and remain banded together
There have been virtual courts, on-line classes, virtual bardic nights, and many other activities to keep the Kingdom connected.
Much of this material is available to view on You Tube -The Kingdom of Ealdormere 

And now we have moved into brighter days...

Ealdormere at Pensic War 2018

Locally, the shire meets, at least once a week. We use this time to talk about what we have created or researched, and most importantly... to simply continue the friendships built through our mutual enjoyment of the SCA.

We have marshals for both Armoured Combat and Fencing Combat, so we can train and practice in either, or both, combat style activities.


Due to Kingdom law, all people who wish to gather for any activity, including local shire gathering, must be fully vaccinated and able to show proof there of. As well, masks are still required for all indoor activities.

In the early days of the plague, we came together virtually to indulge in some pure silliness. To keep spirits high and simply have some fun, we made a video.
The video challenges another Shire, so that the simple joy of being silly can be passed across the Kingdom